The Modern Day Super Woman

The Modern Day Super Woman

She works, she toils, she defies stereotypes, she breaks barriers.

She comes in all shapes and sizes.

Her strength is limitless, she seems unbreakable.
However, everything has a breaking point. For the higher you climb, the greater your fall will be if care is not taken.
The Modern Day Super Woman must not fall, she must continue to defy the odds because our survival as a species depends on her survival.
Therefore, she must refuel. She must recoup. Even the hardest working engine needs to be stop, rest, and be serviced.
Modern Day Super Woman, regain your strength and reclaim your crown. 
Stop and find your center. For soon the world will need your salvation again.
Learn to take Time Off for yourself. Love Myself 2021 Starts Now.
Your are our Hero, Our Modern Day Super Woman!


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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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