Reasons to be Happy, Happy To Be Special

When my son was born with down syndrome, I was shocked and scared. But I found strength in the stories of other parents with similar circumstances. As I embraced my new life, I let go of the anxieties of life. I learned that of all the things I could wish for my son, his Happiness was the most important.

Today, I have a Happy and healthy 6 year old Ezra. Like his older siblings, he is special in his own ways. He is characterized as Special needs in school, you would too if you just wanted to literally coast through life with no worries like Ezra does everyday.

So, Be Happy. Be Happy to be Special. Because of you Ezra, because of your existence, many people like me are now living a Happier life, embracing the beauty around us.

Be Happy, Be Happy to be Special!!!



Photo by Vitória Santos from Pexels

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