What is Self-Love?

What is Self-Love?

What is Self-Love?

Self-love has become so popular nowadays and almost seems like a cliché. But in reality, it is probably as important as your next breath.

In order to define self-love, we must first open our minds to the fact that our need for love is as diverse and as unique as our faces. We cannot define self-love using generic terms, there is no one size fits all definition.

To define self-love, one must look into his/her heart and really find out what is needed or what is missing.

For someone, self-love might mean going after a career that was put in the back burner versus someone else whose act of self-love means quitting from a career that just isn't a good fit anymore.

The act of self-love will evolve or change as needed to fit your unique situation at the time.

Self-Love, I suppose, can be defined as doing what your heart needs at that particular time or at that phase of your life or journey.

How do you define Self-love?

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