Fragrance Collection Information

Nowadays, it's easy to forget to take care of yourself.

That is why Hush Candles is reminding and Empowering you to add Self-Care and Self-Love to your Daily To-Do List.

Which Theme(s) Do You Identify Most With?


This best-selling California Coffee candle fragrance boasts of an exhilarating aroma of freshly brewed coffee that is sure to REVIVE your entire universe.

  • Top notes: fresh brewed coffee.
  • Bottom notes: vanilla.


This best-selling Fresh Cut Roses candle fragrance will motivate you to RECLAIM your beauty and love.

  • Top notes: fresh flowers, carnations.
  • Bottom notes: rose, lavender.


This REFRESHING Grapefruit Mango candle fragrance will surprise you with its sweet and soothing aroma and will have you coming back for more.

  • Top notes: citronella, orange.
  • Middle notes: jasmine, rose.
  • Bottom notes: pineapple, citrus.


This rich and smooth woody and musky men's cologne-type candle fragrance can be loved by All. Do not lose your identity to stereotypes. REDEFINE yourself!

  • Top notes: citrus, pine.
  • Middle Notes: lavender, jasmine.
  • Bottom notes: amber, woody.




5. TO-DO: RELAX!  

Take a deep breath and RELAX with this hypnotic aroma of blooming Lavender fields candle.

  • Top notes: lavender, rosemary.
  • Bottom notes: lavender, eucalyptus.


This best-selling rich and exhilarating Lemongrass candle fragrance packs a punch that will RECHARGE your batteries but is still sweet enough to not overwhelm your senses.

  • Top notes: citrus, lemon, lime.
  • Middle notes: lemongrass.
  • Bottom notes: lemongrass.


This lovely and warm fragrance of Mahogany Teakwood candle symbolizes the beauty of nature and our CONNECTION to it and each other.

  • Top notes: green citrus.
  • Middle notes: jasmine, rose, lily of the valley.
  • Bottom notes: sweet spice, woody, musky, vanilla.


This best-selling Mimosa candle fragrance boasts of a delightful citrus medley with sweet florals and green leaves that will REJUVENATE your spirit.

  • Top notes: clean and fresh sparkle.
  • Middle notes: pineapple, rose, lavender, lily.
  • Bottom notes: amber, cotton candy, vanilla.


This best-selling fragrance boasts of an unbeatable rich Vanilla candle fragrance with hints of cream, sugar, and musk. Like you, it is a classic and is dependable and has earned its RESPECT over time.

  • Top notes: vanilla.
  • Middle notes: vanilla, coconut.
  • Bottom notes: cotton candy, vanilla.